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Monday, December 09, 2019

UFC-3C-HPF High Performance Flight Management System Module Featured

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The High Performance Flight Management System Module provides unique control functions for flight stability and hybrid or monopropellant liquid motor control. This new version provides three times the motor drive current of the standard FMS while also adding provision for automatic temperature control of the NOS tank to maximize pressure. Based on the Open System Developer Module it contains the same Cypress Programmable System on Chip (PSoC) that allow the user to program at a low level the module functions or use the built-in software for control functions. It includes a control algorithm for aerodynamic flight control surfaces with four stepper motor using an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) for attitude reference. It also includes an algorithm to control the flow of Nitrous Oxide or Nitrous Oxide Fuel Blend (NOSBX) into the motor with a stepper motor control valve based on combustion chamber (thrust) or a user developed optimization program.

Additional Info

  • Name: UFC-3 FMS Flight Management System Module
  • Code: UFC-3-FMS
  • Price: See Latest Terms of Sale
  • Description:
    The UFC-3-HPF supports Vertical Trajectory Stabilization (VTS) through the control of four stepper motors driven by an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) and oxidizer flow control into a hybrid or NOBFX motor with a fifth stepper motor on a Flow Control Valve.  It may be programmed by the user (all tools included) or configured with the built-in management software
  • Features:
    • Cypress PSoC Programmable System on Chip 64MHz. ARM Cortex CPU
    • Memory (256KB Flash, 64KB SRAM, 2KB EEPROM, 128MB NAND Flash (Flight Log Memory)
    • Built-in Peripherals: SPI, UART, Timers, Quadrature Decoders
    • Analog Channels: 3 Differential inputs with 256x Programmable Gain Amplifiers into a 16-bit ADC supporting bridge type pressure sensors for Combustion Chamber and NOS pressure and a thrust Load Cell for Static test support
    • Additional ADC Channel to support NOS Temperature Sensor plus Solid State Relay Driver for NOS Heater Control
    • Stepper Motor Controllers: 5 TMC262, 4.5 Amps Max.
    • Altimeter: 0.15-16.2 psia (23-bit ADC), 100,000" maximum
    • Supports Active-Passive Redundancy
  • Options:
    • Thales Aerospace NavChip 6 Degrees of Freedom IMIU
    • Analog Devices ADIS16488 Tactical Grade 10 Degrees of Freedom IMU
  • Accessories:
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