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Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Updated Website

Black Magic Missile Works has completed the updates to the UFC-3C (Commercial) Universal Flight Controller Family. The one addition is the new High Performance Flight Management System (HPF) module which is a high current (4.5Amp) dual module that supports larger rockets, such as the new Black Magic IV, 300 pound, 20’ long, 8” diameter test rocket powered by the computer controlled Hybrid P Motor. In addition we have added a Driver Module to support relays, solenoids and valves, etc., as well as high efficiency switch mode constant current drivers for pyrotechnics. We have also add a 2 Watt, 400/900MHz. Narrow-Band Telemetry Module with support to control an external RF Power Amplfier and Bypass Switch.

Most importantly, we now offer design information, design services and fabrication services for the Flow Control Valve (FCV) that is the basis for computer control of the motor. It provides; 1.) High Flow Rate (up to 12 pounds per second of Nitrous Oxide), 2.) High Pressure (>1,000 psi), 3.) Compact Design, in a format that can be fabricated by any good machine shop.