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Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Support for University Rocketry & Engineering Projects

Ever since the first Black Magic Missile Works Universal Flight Controller (UFC-2) in 2007 we have developed systems designed to support all levels of higher education in rocketry and related computer hardware/software engineering. We started by mentoring a group of students at the University of California, Irvine (UCI) who flew our UFC-2 several times.

Today we have three products perfectly suited for various levels of University programs such as the NASA University Student Launch Initiative (USLI):

UFC-3 is our modular system with 200 MHz. ARM 9 CPU Base Module and a dozen different option modules that support long range Telemetry, GPS, 3-Axis Inertial Sensor, High Power Pyro Drivers, ADC modules, Battery modules, etc. Up to 8 modules can be assembled to form practically any configuration system needed. Additional nodes can be linked together to create advanced distributed or redundant systems

UFC-3-OSD, the Open System Developer's Module (OSDM). UFC-3 is normally programmed via user written Flight Operations Scripts, however the OSDM allows the user to create custom modules and software to control special applications such as flight stabilization systems or liquid/hybrid motor control. The on-board 80 MHz. PSoC ARM CPU communicates with the UFC-3 Base Module and coordinates operations in a seamless manner. Like the UFC-4U, the OSDM offers a complete tool chain with schematic capture at the gate or higher component level as well as Verilog HDL. C and C++ compilers and debugger provide all the tools needed to develop sophisticated applications

UFC-3-FMS is our latest module that is a combination of the UFC-3-OSD and UFC-3-3XS IMU module with addtional enhancement like 128MB Flight Log Memory, high performance Altimeter and 3-Axis Accelerometer (just like the UFC-3-CPU-2 module) and built-in configuration software for Vertical Trajectory Stabilization (VTS) and motor control with our Flow Control Valve (FCV). Can also be custom programmed just like the OSD module. It has three IMU options including a super stable Analog Devices ADIS16488.