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Black Magic Missile Works

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Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Newsflash 1

Black Magic Missile Works has updated or created several new UFC-3 modules including:

Updated UFC-3C-CPU with 3x Performance Increase, 2x Power Handling (200 Watts) and Switch-Mode Pyro Drivers

Updated UFC-3-GPS with High Vibration VCO to maintain lock during acceleration, COCOM Limits Removed

New UFC-3C-DMT 400/900MHz. Dual Mode Narrow-Band Telemetry Module

New UFC-3C-DDL 2.4GHz Wide-Band Digital Data Link Module

New UFC-3C-PWR Power Modules provide 24V with built in battery charger, including Wide Temperature Range -2 Model

New UFC-3C-DRV Driver Module supporting up to 4 Switch Mode Pyrotechnic and 12 DC Switches for Relays, Solenoids, Valves, etc.

New UFC-3C-FMS Flight Management Module for Active Stabilization and Hybrid Motor Control

New UFC-3C-HPF High Power Flight Management Dual Module set for High Power Drive Motors (up to 4.5 Amps)